Hotels In Basukinath

Hotel Basuki Vihar, Basukinath Dumka

Hotel Basuki Vihar Basukinath Dham

Hotel Basuki Vihar is a budget hotel at Basukinath Dham Dumka and maintained by Jharkhand State Tourism Development Corporation. It has 11 Rooms out of which 7 are Fully Air …

Hotel Suresh Kutir, Basukinath Dumka

Hotel Suresh Kutir Basukinath Dham

Hotel Suresh Kutir is a budget Hotel at Basukinath, ¬†Dumka with 22 rooms. It also has 4 Air Conditioned Rooms. The Room Rates start with Rs 200 per day and …

Hotel Shiv Shakti Kunj Basukinath Dumka

Hotel Shiv Shakti Kunj is a low cost Hotel at Basukinath Dumka. It has over 20 room and 7 Air-Conditioned Rooms. Photos Room Rates Dormitory Accommodation Single Bed: Rs 50 …

Rourkela Kanwariya Sangh Dharamshala, Basukinath Dumka

Raurkela Kanwariya Sangh runs a Dharamshala at Basukinath, Dumka  with 17 rooms and is priced fairly. Room Rate: Varies but minimum Rs 150 Contact Shishram Sharma Mobile: +8002314800

Bhagalpur Dharamshala Basukinath Dumka

Hotel Bhagalpur Dharamshala

Bhagalpur Dharamshala is one of very cheap Dharamshala of Basukinath with about 10 rooms. Most of the rooms are small rooms with no attached toilets. Photos Room Rate: Not Known …