Tapovan Deoghar

Tapovan Hills are located 10km from the Deoghar Town. It is mainly famous for Tapo Nath Mahadev, the temple of Lord Shiva. It is named Tapovan because in the olden days it was a meditation spot (Tapobhumi) for the Nagas.

It is said that Sage Valmiki came here for penance. Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari obtained Siddhi (success through penance) here. Sri Sri Mohanananda Brahmachari, disciple of Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari also used to come here.

There is a cracked rock at Tapovan. In the inner surface of the crack, one can see a portrait of Hanuman. This is an amazing feat as it is practically impossible to insert a paint brush in the crack and draw anything.
Below the hill there is a small cemented Kund (water – body) which is called Sukta Kunda (Sita Kunda) by the local people. It is a holy water body. It is said that Sita used to take bath here.

History of Tapovan

In the ancient time Tapovan was the military camp of the palas. Here we find an inscription Shri Deo Narayan Pal.
Legends say that devotees visiting Tapovana, get the fruits of Baidyanath Darshan. It is also a good spot for picnic. People come here to enjoy its beauty.

How to reach Tapovan?

Take an Auto-Rickshaw or Taxi from Deoghar or Jasidih. Ask your Guide or Hotel Staff to arrange one for you.

Things to do

Visit Taponath Mahadev
Visit Sita kunda
Visit various Caves
Click Photographs of the Scenery

Photos of Tapovan

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