Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith Deoghar

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Deoghar is one of the oldest residential Schools of India  established in 1922. It is one of the oldest institute of Ramakrishna Mission, and used to be visited by brother disciples of Swami Vivekananda.  It is exclusively for boys and permanently affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.  The institute is run by monks  of the Ramakrishna Order. The staff includes teachers from all over India as well as from foreign countries.

The school campus contains many attractive buildings. The most beautiful of the Vidyapith campus is the Universal Temple. It depicts the original temple of Belur Math.  There, morning prayer and evening services (Aratrik) are conducted by the resident boys as part of their daily routine. Religious festivals, observances and worships are carried out in it.

Under the temple, there is the school library with more than 26,000 books. Vidyapith has a small aviary-cum-greenhouse and a small medicinal orchard.

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith has established a museum which shows the ancient and tribal heritage of the country. It contains a wing on the life of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, spiritual consort of Sri Ramakrishna. This wing is known as Sarada Darshan.

There is a permanent exhibition Ramakrishna Darshan on the lives and contributions of Sri Ramakrishna and his disciples, emphasizing the service for mankind by Swami Vivekananda. This educates its visitors through photographs, glass fiber models and a history of the Ramakrishna Movement.

Vidyapith has a Religious Literature Corner where publications on Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda, the Vedanta and the Indian culture are kept for sale.

How to Reach?

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith is located on the outskirts of the city in a place called Williams Town. It is located about 3km from the Tower Chowk Deoghar and equal distance from Baidyanath Dham Deoghar. You can hire a Rickshaw, Autorickshaw or a Taxi.

Things to do

  • Visit the Temple
  • See the magnificent building of School
  • Visit the Sharada Museum
  • Visit the Vidyapith Dairy
  • Enjoy the serene environment at Vidyapith

Photos of Ramakrishna Mission Deoghar




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