Tourist Places to visit in Deoghar

Deoghar has numerous places to visit and of immense tourist interest. These places are scattered all around the town and some of them are located in rural blocks also. Together, Deoghar offers a complete package to tourists ranging from sightseeing, adventure, pilgrimage and yoga tourism.

Baba Baidyanath Temple: It  is one of the twelve jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva and also one of the 51 shakti peethas. Read More

Nandan Pahar: It is a small hill on the edge of the town which hosts a famous  Nandi Temple and faces the famous Shiv temple. The Nandan pahar has a huge park for children, and has a ghost house, a boot house, a mirror house and a restaurant. Read More

Basukinath It is famous for its Shiva Temple, and the pilgrimage to Baba Dham is considered incomplete without paying homage at Basukinath. It is situated 43 km from Deoghar near the village of Jarmundi and connected by road. It is an indigenous temple decorated with local art. Read More
Naulakha Mandir: It is situated 1.5 km away from the Baba Baidyanath Temple. This temple is similar in appearance to the temple of Ramakrishna in Belur. Inside there are idols of Radha-Krishna. It is 146 feet high and its construction cost around Rs. 900,000 (9 lakhs) and hence it became known as the Naulakha Temple. Read More

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith: It  is a boarding school run by the monks of RK Mission. The campus is full of greenery and has 12 football fields. The Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, a branch of Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, Howrah district, was established in 1922 with the objective of imparting modern education combined with the values of ancient culture along the lines of the ancient Gurukula. Read More

Satsanga Ashram: It is a holy place for devotees of Thakur Anukulchandra, in the south-west of Deoghar, established by Anukul Chandra. Tapovan is situated 10 km from Deoghar and has a temple of Shiva, called Taponath Mahadeva, which attracts pilgrims. A number of caves are found in this hill. In one of the caves, a Shiva lingam is installed. It is said that Sage Valmiki came here for penance and Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari obtained Siddhi (success through penance) here. Read More

Rikhia Ashram It  is a Bihar School of Yoga (Sri Sri Panch Dashanam Paramhansa Alakhbarah) and was established by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Thousand of devotees from different corners of the world participate in an annual festival which is held in late November to early December. Foreigner visitors are often seen in the town, especially between November and February. This ashram is considered a sacred place. Read More

Shivganga: It is a pool of water situated just 200 meters away from the Baidyanath Temple. It is claimed that when Ravana was taking the lingam to Lanka, he needed to urinate. Afterwards, wanting to wash his hands before holding the lingam but unable to find a water source nearby, he struck the earth with his fist. Water came out and formed a pond. This pond is now known as Shivaganga. Read More

Harila Jori: It is situated on the northern side of Deoghar, 8 km away from the Baidyanath temple and 5 km away from the Tower chowk. During ancient times, the area was full of Haritaki (Myrobalan) trees. It is claimed that this is the place where Ravana handed over the lingam to lord Vishnu disguised as a Brahmin, and went to urinate. A stream flows here and is known as Ravana Jori.

Trikuta Hills: It is a set of three mountain peaks situated 13 km away from Deoghar, on the way to Dumka, with three main peaks from which it gets its name, Trikutachal. The hill is 1,350 feet (400 m) high. Trikut  has the only vertical rope way in the state of Jharkhand. The ride from the base camp to the summit takes about seven minutes. Today the place has a large population of grey  monkeys. Read More

Ram Nivas Ashram:  It is where Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari Maharaj, a great yogi and guru, used to stay and meditate. His disciple, and the 2nd Mohanta (Head) of the ashram, Mohanananda Brahmachari, also stayed here. The ashram is surrounded by trees and gardens, and has the temples of Tripura Sundari, Radha-Krishna, and Bhagbati Devi. A memorial temple marks the place where the ashes of Sri Mohanananda Brahmachari were put to rest.

Jalsar Children’s Park: This park has fun rides for children, including a see-saw and toy train. Read More

Maa Kali Shaktipeeth: It is in the Karnibagh area and is also known as Maa Kali Nagar. The deity, Maa, is in the form of pindi  and is popular in the area. Read More

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