MV Ganga Vihar, The River Cruise and Floating Restaurant in Patna

MV Ganga Vihar is a River Cruise Ship cum Floating Restaurant on the River Ganga at Patna run by Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC). The Ship operates daily in the evening time and one can have an excellent view of the Banks of Patna during the Cruise. The Cruise happens to pass near Darbhanga House, Patna College, Tekari House, Gaighat, Gandhi Setu, several temples and few fort like structures during its journey.

MV Ganga Vihar , the Floating Restaurant in Patna

MV Ganga Vihar , the Floating Restaurant in Patna

MV Ganga Vihar provides a luxurious river cruise and a thrilling cruise experience, where you can spend the day, an evening or a few hours at night for the magical charm of lush greenery and historical ambiance. MV Ganga Vihar can also be used for viewing Ganga Aarti along the Banks of Patna.

The Ship also has a 48-seater, air-conditioned restaurant, which offers snacks. The Restaurant is operational only on Special Occasion.

The Ship also offers several types of Cruises depending on the Requirement of Individuals and Organizations. It offers regular Sunset Cruise and On-demand Fun Ship Cruise, Leisure Cruise, Corporate Cruises, Lunch Cruise, Dinner Cruise and Breakfast Cruise. More information about On-Demand Cruise is available on BSTDC Website.

How to Board?

Anyone Can Board the Floating Restaurant by visiting Gandhi Ghat in Patna. It is located near Mahendru and is adjacent to National Institute of Technology (NIT) Patna. You can easily get connecting vehicles from Patna Railway Stations, Gandhi Maidan or Patna Airport.

Rates & Charges

Rs 100 per Person per Journey for Sunset Cruise. Special Discounts are given to School/College going Students.
For On-demand Cruises, the Rates are available on BSTDC Website.


For Regular and Sunset Cruise
Weekdays: Single 1-Hour Tour Starting from 4PM
Weekends: Three 1-Hour Tour Starting from 3PM, 4PM, 5PM


Manager, Travel and Trade
(Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.)
Beerchand Patel Path, Patna, Bihar,
Ph.0612-2225411 / 2506219
Mobile: +91-9708066612


  1. The Timings may be adjusted depending on Seasons and Tourist Inflow.
  2. The Ticket Prices may be revised from time to time.
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