Monastery Guest Houses in Bodh Gaya

Guest Houses provided by various Monasteries in Bodhgaya is one of the cheapest accommodation you can think of. The Quality of Lodging varies among monasteries, but these are best for anyone who has budget constraint. However, most of these monasteries have strict rules which a guest has to follow.

Below we present a list of Monastery Guest Houses in Bodhgaya.

Mahabodhi Society 
Private rooms and dorms available.
Tel./Fax : +91- 631-2200742 , E-mail –

Bhutan Monastery
Birla Road, Bodhgaya.
At Walking Distance from Mahabodhi Temple.
Phone +91- 631-2200710

Burmese Vihara 
Gaya Road.Very basic accommodation. The Vihara exists mainly to cater to groups of Burmese pilgrims, but there are often rooms available for others. Rules are posted prominently. Food service is only for those arriving in groups, and by prior arrangement.
Phone: +91-631-2200721 /2200 881

Sakya Monastery Guesthouse :-  
Mastipur Village (Near Bhutan Monastery),  Clean, simple, friendly, peaceful and calm environment.

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