Mandar Hill at Banka

Mandar Hill in Banka is one of the famous pilgrim destination for Hindus and Jains.

Located in Bounsi block, it is an awesome isolated, singular boulder hill that appears as a gigantic monolith rising at a height of 700 ft is aptly connected with a popular mythical tale of immortality in Hindu Puranas.

On top of the hill there are two temple side by side belonging to Hinduism and Jainism followers.

Mandar Hill and the Lake at Bounsi Banka

Mandar Hill and the Lake at Bounsi Banka

Close to the Vidyapeeth railway station, about 50 km. from the main city of Bhagalpur, Mandar hill is a sacred destination to Jains and Hindus both. At the base of the hill a large Lake having  Vishnu and Lakshmi temples at the centre while a lotus structure has been built in the recent past.

The mythological tale of Hindus describes this hill as Sumeru Parvat, the churning pole of Amrit Manthan (Nectar of Immortality) with the winding ‘Naag’ (the Great Snake). The patterns that are visible on the rock is believed to have created by the mythical Great Snake while the churning took place between the Devas and Asuras. The Baunsi annual fair is a popular one to draw a lot of tourists at the place.

For Jains: In the memory of the 12th Jain Tirthankara Vasupujya who attained nirvana here, a temple is built on top of this hill. On the way to the top an astounding lake settled at the niche of the black rock is absolutely startling.


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