Leela Temple Deoghar

Leela Temple Deoghar| Arunachal Mission Ashram DeogharLeela Temple was founded by Thakur Dayanand Dev in 1921 and is located 5km from Deoghar Town at a place called Kavilashpur.

The Temple is managed by Arunachal Mission  and is also known as Arunachal Ashram or Leela Mandir Ashram. Goddess Kali is the main deity of Leela Mandir.

Arunachal Mission was founded in January 1909 at Cacher (three miles away from Silchar town) in Assam, by Shri Thakur Dayanand Dev.In 1921, the Leela Mandir Ashram was started by Thakur Dayanand Dev. He also started Trikutachal Ashram at Trikut Pahar Deoghar.


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