Flights to Bodh Gaya

There are several Flights connecting Bodhgaya to various parts of India and countries like Thailand, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Tokyo. Most of the flights are seasonal and operate only during peak tourist season. During peak seasons Air India Flights Connect Bodhgaya to Delhi Kolkata, Varanasi and Chennai.

Following is the flight schedule to and fro Bodh Gaya operated by various foreign carriers.

Druk Air, Bhutan

Schedule: October 27, 2013 to January 31 2014
Frequency: Every Friday
Paro to Gaya Deptt: 1100 Arrival:1140
Gaya to Bangkok Deptt: 1210 Arrival: 1640

Frequency:Every Saturday
Bangkok to Gaya Deptt: 720 Arrival: 850
Gaya to Paro Deptt: 920 Arrival: 1100

Schedule: February 1 to February 28 2014
Frequency: Every Wednesday
Paro to Gaya, Deptt: 1050 Arrival: 1130
Gaya to Bangkok Deptt: 1200 Arrival: 1630

Frequency: Every Thursday
Bangkok to Gaya, Deptt: 0650 Arrival: 0820
Gaya to Paro, Deptt 0850 Arrival 1030

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Mihin Lanka Airways

Schedule: August 1 2013 to October 26 2013
Frequency: Every Saturday
Colombo to Gaya Deptt: 0530 Arrival: 0900
Gaya to Colombo Deptt: 1000 Arrival: 1330

Frequency: Every Sunday
Colombo to Gaya Deptt: 0400 Arrival: 0900
Gaya to Colombo Deptt: 1000 Arrival: 1330
Mattala to Gaya Deptt: 0505 Arrival: 0900

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Myanmar Airways International

Schedule: 27 Oct 2013 to 29 Mar 2014
Frequency: Every Monday,Wednesday Friday Saturday
Yangon to Gaya Deptt: 900 Arrival: 1020
Gaya to Yangon Deptt: 1120 Arrival: 1430

Frequency: Every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Mandalay to Gaya Deptt: 1110 Arrival: 1215
Gaya to Mandalay Deptt: 1315 Arrival: 1620

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Thai Airways

Schedule: 28 September 2013 to 31st October
Frequency: Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Bangkok to Gaya Deptt: 1210 Arrival: 1400
Gaya to Varanasi Deptt: 1445 Arrival: 1535
Varanasi to Bangkok Deptt: 1630 Arrival: 2115

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