Budget Hotels in Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya has lots of Budget Hotels where accommodation is cheap and varies from Rs 150 per night to Rs 1500 per night. The Rates at these hotels also vary with Season and is often negotiable. Always check the prevailing rates with other hotels, before settling down to one.

Below we present a list of Budget Hotels in Bodhgaya.

Siddharth Vihar
Rs 500-Rs 1500 per night
Phone: +91-631-2200445, 2200127.
Rooms available: AC Rooms, Non-AC Rooms

Sujata Vihar
Rs 500-Rs 1500 per night
Phone: +91-631-2200445, 2200127.
Rooms available: Dormitory Beds available only

Buddha Vihar
Rs75 – Rs 150 per night
Phone: +91-631-2200445, 2200127.
Facility Available: Restaurant, CTV, Conference Hall, Coach/Car Parking.
Rooms available: Dormitory Beds and Conference Hall is available.

Kundan Bazar Guest House :- 
Bhagalpur Village (Near Old Vietnam Temple),
Rs.  400 – 3500 per night
+91-631-2200049 Email:- reservations@kundanbazar.com
Single rooms to full-service apartments, bike rentals, internet cafe, book, gift, and clothing shop, snooker bar, self-service kitchen, laundry facility, tour packages, and more

Rainbow Guesthouse 
Less than Rs 1000 per night
+91-631-2200308 +91-9431280810
Next to Burmese Vihara on Gaya Road. Basic rooms, are cleaned more thoroughly on request, friendly and reliable staff.

Welcome Guest House 
Rs 150-900 per night
2 mins walk from Temple near Mahabodhi Temple. Welcome Guest House offers cheap and pleasant rooms in the center of town.
+91-631-200377  Email- welcomeguest_house@yahoo.co.in

Deep Guest House
Rs. 500-1200 per night

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