Bodh Gaya Travel Guide

Bodh Gaya is the most sacred pilgrimage destination for Buddhists. It is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. To visitors, Bodh Gaya offers enchanting natural beauty coupled with rich cultural and religious pilgrimage . The famous Mahabodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The Mahabodhi Temple is the revered equally by the Buddhists as well as the hindus.

How to Reach?

Reaching Bodhgaya town is very convenient and fast as it is well connected by Railways, Roadways and Airways to most parts of India and World. It is located 10km away from Gaya town. Below are the frequent means to reach Bodhgaya. 

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Bodh Gaya is very well connected to Patna , the capital cIty of Bihar which is just 110 km away from it.  Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation runs Mercedez Benz Buses from Patna to Bodh Gaya on daily basis. It would take around 2 hours to reach Bodh Gaya from Patna.

Additionally, a number of private buses ply daily between Patna and Gaya. To catch such  buses visit the Inter-State Bus Depot located at Mithapur,  just 2 km  away from Patna  Railway Junction.

BSTDC also  has a  fleet of cars like Toyota Inova, Qualis, Indica, Ambassador, Maruti Alto, Maruti Esteem, Tata Sumo, Logan, Scorpio,  which you can rent on prepaid basis.  For the same , visit BSTDC Office in Patna at Paryatan Bhawan, Beerchand Patel Path.


The Nearest Railway Station is Gaya  about  16 Km from Bodh Gaya. Gaya lies in the New Delhi- Howrah Grand Chord (one of the busiest railway lines of India). You can reach Gaya from any part of the Country by train.

Patna is just 2 hours journey from Gaya, so if you land in Patna, you can board a local or express train which run at the frequency of 1-2 hours.


Bodh Gaya International Airport is located 5 km from Bodh Gaya. It has  flights to  and from Sri Lanka, Japan, China, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand and most of the SAARC countries.

Patna Airport is also nearby, but International Flights seldom arrive at Patna. However, Patna is more frequently connected to Indian cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Ranchi.

Places to Visit

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Bodhi Tree: The present Bodhi Tree is probably the fifth succession of the original tree under which the Buddha had attained enlightenment. Vajrasana, the seat of stability, is a stone platform on which the Buddha is supposed to have sat in meditation gazing east, under the Bodhi tree.

Chankramana: This marks the sacred spot of the Buddha’s meditative perambulations during the third week after pious enlightenment. It is believed that wherever the Buddha put his feet lotus sprang up.

Ratnagarh: Lord Buddha spent one week here, where it is believed that five colors came out of his body.

Animesh Lochan Chaitya: It is believed that the Buddha spent one week here looking towards the great Bodhi tree out of gratitude, without twinkling his eyes.

Other Important Places to visit include

  • Mahabodhi Stupa
  • 80 ft Statue of the Buddha
  • Lotus Tank
  • Buddha Kunda
  • Rajayatana
  • Brahma Yoni
  • Chinese Temple & Monastery
  • Burmese Temple
  • Buddhist Monastery of Bhutan
  • International Buddhist House
  • Japanese Temple
  • Taiwanese Temple
  • Thai Temple & Monastery
  • Tibetan Monastery
  • Gendhen Phelgyeling Monastery
  • Karma Dhargye Chokhorling Monastery
  • Terger Monastery
  • Phowa Center
  • Root Institute
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Bodhgaya Multimedia Museum
  • Sujata village (2 kms)
  • Dungeshwari Hill (Prag bodhi) (22 kms by road)
  • Maitraya Project (3 kms).
  • Barabar caves


Things to do

  1. Visit the Temples and Monasteries
  2. Enjoy Shopping at Local Kundan Bazar with very Cheap Rates.
  3. Perform Pindadaan at Gaya

Things not to do

  1. Don’t enter the inner parts of the main temple/stupa complex.wearing sleepers, shoes or chappals.
  2. Circumambulate the stupa and other sacred objects in Abnti-clockwise direction.
  3. Don’t disturb the peace and tranquility.
  4. Climbing upon statues, monuments and other sacred objects.

Food Courts

  • Cafe Om: This place is known for its Pastries and other Fast Food.
  • Bowl of Compassion Cafe:  It served delicious Indian and international cuisine. Located opposite to Police Station. Timings: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Be Happy Cafe: Here you can get International Cuisine like thin crust pizzas, Italian pastas, sandwiches in thick bread, freshly made cakes, homemade granola for breakfast and a variety of coffees.  It is located behind Namgyal Monastery.
  • Fuji-ya Green: It is a good restaurant serving Japanese Cuisine.

Places to Stay

Mahabodhi Society 
Private rooms and dorms available.
Tel./Fax : +91- 631-2200742 , E-mail –

Bhutan Monastery
Birla Road, Bodhgaya.
At Walking Distance from Mahabodhi Temple.
Phone +91- 631-2200710

Burmese Vihara 
Gaya Road.Very basic accommodation. The Vihara exists mainly to cater to groups of Burmese pilgrims, but there are often rooms available for others. Rules are posted prominently. Food service is only for those arriving in groups, and by prior arrangement.
Phone: +91-631-2200721 /2200 881

Sakya Monastery Guesthouse :-  
Mastipur Village (Near Bhutan Monastery),  Clean, simple, friendly, peaceful and calm environment.

Siddharth Vihar
Rs 500-Rs 1500 per night
Phone: +91-631-2200445, 2200127.
Rooms available: AC Rooms, Non-AC Rooms

Sujata Vihar
Rs 500-Rs 1500 per night
Phone: +91-631-2200445, 2200127.
Rooms available: Dormitory Beds available only

Buddha Vihar
Rs75 – Rs 150 per night
Phone: +91-631-2200445, 2200127.
Facility Available: Restaurant, CTV, Conference Hall, Coach/Car Parking.
Rooms available: Dormitory Beds and Conference Hall is available.

Kundan Bazar Guest House :- 
Bhagalpur Village (Near Old Vietnam Temple),
Rs.  400 – 3500 per night
+91-631-2200049 Email:-
Single rooms to full-service apartments, bike rentals, internet cafe, book, gift, and clothing shop, snooker bar, self-service kitchen, laundry facility, tour packages, and more

Rainbow Guesthouse 
Less than Rs 1000 per night
+91-631-2200308 +91-9431280810
Next to Burmese Vihara on Gaya Road. Basic rooms, are cleaned more thoroughly on request, friendly and reliable staff.

Welcome Guest House 
Rs 150-900 per night
2 mins walk from Temple near Mahabodhi Temple. Welcome Guest House offers cheap and pleasant rooms in the center of town.
+91-631-200377  Email-

Deep Guest House
Rs. 500-1200 per night

Important Contacts

  1. Bodhgaya Tourist Information Center:  Mobile-  +91-9334317245, +91-9431441100, Tel: +91-631-2200672
  2. Gaya Tourist Information Center(at Railway Station Gaya): Mobile: +91-9304002008, Tel: +91-631-2223635
  3. Gaya District Magistrate: Email: Tel: +91-631-2222900(O), 2222800(R), +91-9473191244(M)
  4. Bihar  State Tourism Development Corporation (Patna):  Email:, Tel: +91-612-2225411

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