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Bhagalpur Travel Guide

Greenery around Vikramshila University Remains at Bhagalpur

Bhagalpur is a city in Southern part of Bihar and is of immense historical importance. It is situated on the banks of holy river Ganga. Bhagalpur is 220 km east …

Darbhanga Travel Guide

Darbhanga Maharaj Fort

Darbhanga is a city in the North Bihar and is the center of Mithilanchal region which has history dating back several thousand years. A part of Indo-Gangetic plains Darbhanga is …

List of Restaurants and Bars in Patna

Photos of Hotel Clarks Inn Vijayatej at P&M Mall Patna

Below is a list of Restaurants, Eateries and Bars in Patna Restaurants Basant Vihar, Maurya Lok Complex Domino’s, Exhibition Road Kapil’s Eleven, Frazer Road Kaveri, Maurya Lok Complex Mayfair, Dak …

List of Hotels in Patna

External View of Hotel Chanakya Patna

Patna has a large number of Hotels suiting every range Economy, Budget, Mid Range, Luxury, Deluxe and Star. While, one can get Beds in Dormitories near Patna Railway Station for …

Photos of Mandar Hill at Bounsi, Banka

A Scenic Panoramic View of Mandar Hill at Banka

Below are some Photos, Images and Wallpapers of Mandar Hill at Bounsi ,Banka taken from various sources.

The History of Mandar Hill and its Religious Significance

A View of Temples at CLiff of Mandar Hill from Bottom

Mandar hill is extremely sacred in the Hindu Mythology. The Skanda Purana records the history of the famous Amrit Manthan ( the churning of the ocean ). Due to this …

The Weather Condition at Bounsi Banka

A Scenic Panoramic View of Mandar Hill at Banka

The Climate Banka district is characterized by a hot Summer and a pleasant Winter Season. March to June comprises the summer months while the cold season lasts from November to …

The Annual Bounsi Fair at Mandar Hill, Banka

Lakshmi and Vishnu Temples inside Mandar Lake Banka

The Annual Bounsi Fair (also known as Bounsi Mela) is one of the major tourist attractions of the this region. Bounsi Mela depicts the village life of the Mandar region. …

The Railway Station at Mandar Hill in Bounsi, Banka

Mandar Hill (MDLE) Railway Station Platform

Mandar Hill has a dedicated Railway Connectivity since British Era. Station Code: MDLE It is connected to Bhagalpur and Patna via regular trains. The Rail network is being expanded to …

How to reach Mandar Hill at Bounsi in Banka?

Lakshmi and Vishnu Temples inside Mandar Lake Banka

Mandal Hill can be reached either by Roads or by Train from different parts of Bihar and Jharkhand easily. It is located at 24.8020627 degrees North 87.0236941 degrees East. Roadways Mandar …