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Leela Temple Deoghar| Arunachal Mission Ashram DeogharArunachal Mission is located 5 km from Deoghar Town at a place called Kavilashpur. It is also called Leela Mandir Ashram and was started at Deoghar in 1921 by Thakur Dayananda Dev. Presently it is being managed by Swami Dhyanachaitanya, a disciple of Swami Dayananda Dev. It is a branch of Arunachal Mission at Silchar. Thakur Dayananda was a Sage and a freedom fighter. He was the first man who gave the idea of United Nation Organization.

Swami Dayananda Dev also started an Ashram at Trikut Pahar, Deoghar known as Trikutachal Ashram. Here he did penance for 60 years out of which 16 years he did not speak at all.

History of Arunachal Ashram

Arunachal Mission originally was founded in January 1909 at Cachar (three miles away from Silchar town) in Assam, by  Thakur Dayanand Dev. The ashram was a religious home, dedicated to God, where men and women, workers of the Mission, were to live for, with, and in God. It was a Brotherhood, a Commonwealth.  It was a Union with a President. And the first President was a Woman.

Thakur Dayananda Dev Arunachal Mission Deoghar

Thakur Dayananda Dev

The Temple of the Divine Mother was open to all. Bramhin and Sudra, untouchable, lived together, worked hand in hand, sat side by side and partook of Prasad, food first offered to God and then shared by members.

In course of time four more ashrams grew up. Society, the guardians of the established order of things, were vehemently against the teachings of Sage Dayananda. The Police were suspicious and haunted the steps of the Master and the members everywhere. The British Government apprehended danger.

At Jagatshi Ashram, the Mission had started a Nam-Yagna, a ceaseless vigil and prayer, singing and chanting the name of God, with the declared object.

“To bring down the Reign of Love on Earth by the power of prayer.”

Police oppression and harassment intensified. India’s Day of Independence was drawing nigh !

On June 30-1912, the Thakur Dayanand Dev made a Declaration, protesting against this undue interference with the people’s religion and concluding:

“From the consideration of Dharma alone, we dissolve the relation of Ruler and Ruled.”

On July 8-1912, armed men led by British Officers, charged a body of unarmed men, women, and children, engaged in prayer, chanting the name of God, bayoneted, and mercilessly beat them, bound them, and broke up the prayer that had continued for three months and a half. A disciple, Rishi Yugananda, died of gunshot wound.Thakur Dayananda with 12 disciples were charged with rioting and thrown into prison.

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