A Safari inside the Forests of Valmiki Tiger Reserve

This Trip to Valimiki Tiger Reserve and National Forest was done in February 2011. Starting from Kolkata at night, a massive drive was undertaken whereby we traveled across Bengal, Jharkhand to turn right at Barhi to reach Patna in morning and then to Narkatiyaganj and finally to the Valmiki Tiger Reserve.

Inside Valimiki Tiger Reserve

An absolute remote forest and a trek from the Nepal side through the core area of a tiger reserve, no where in India you get this.


Trekking inside Valmiki Tiger Reserve

A stupendous travel to a remote forest, two of our good friends also came along. We even made a banner for it. Image clicked by a forest guard.

Narrow Gauge Train at Gaunaha near VTR

The forest borders the Indo-Nepal border. For trek through the forest, we took the narrow gauge railway line with ticket price of Rs 2 [!] to Nepal – alighting at the border station of Bhiknathori.

Spotted Tiger Cub inside Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Many and us too have seen a tiger on a safari ride, but the experience of seeing a tiger roar yet not seeing it while on the trek through the core area of a forest is a hair raising event. All tense and we stop on the trek as we hear a tiger with cub roar somewhere in the undergrowth ahead.

This article has been sourced from an Anonymous Traveler’s Diary on Team BHP. The Traveler is from Kolkata as is understood

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